Stretch Lab

Hurdler Stretch for Hamstrings
Hurdler Stretch

Stretching on a regular basis keeps your muscles strong, flexible and healthy!

What is Stretch Lab?

Stretch Lab is one-on-one assisted stretching performed by one of our professional stretch therapists.  Not only will they physically help you stretch, but they can educate you on different types of stretching, introduce you to different modalities to assist with stretching, and even help develop your own stretching program for whatever your stretching goals may be.

Improving your mobility (and/or flexibility) can help improve:

Foam Roll a Shoulder
Rumble Roller on Lats
  • posture
  • physical performance in activities such as running, weight training/crossfit, olympic/power lifting, bodyweight training
  • sport performance-aerial arts such as pole fitness, lyra, trapeze, silks
  • handstands and arm balances
  • splits
  • contortion
  • “problem” areas such as tight hips, shoulders, neck, back