Custom Splinting and Bracing

Splinting for protection, rest and restoring movement and function.

Custom splints will be selected and fabricated, as required, for support, protection, pain relief, function, and mobilization.

Below are some examples of splints that can be fabricated based on your needs:

  • Thumb SpicaThumb Spica
    Typically Used For: Dequervain’s Tenosynoovitis, Scaphoid Injuries, CMC arthroplasty (suspensionplasty)
  • Dynamic Wrist Extension SplintDynamic Wrist Extension Splint
    Used to regain wrist extension: Often used after distal radius fractures, scaphoid fractures have healed
  • Static Progressive Finger Flexion SplintStatic Progressive Finger Flexion Splint
    Used to regain flexion of one or all three finger joints. Can be used after healed metacarpal and finger fractures, distal radius fractures, crush injuries, digit replantations
  • Hand Based Thumb SpicaHand Based Thumb Spica Splint
    Used for CMC arthritis, UCL/RCL injuries of the thumb
  • Mallet SplintMallet Splint
    Used for mallet injuries (extensor tendon injury) of fingers and thumb
  • Radial Nerve Palsy SplintRadial Nerve Palsy Splint
    Used to regain functional use of the hand after a radial nerve injury
  • Wrist Cock Up SplintWrist Cock Up Splint
    Used for carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist surgeries, wrist tenosynovitis, wrist ganglions
  • Thumb CMC SplintThumb CMC Splint
    Used for CMC arthritis
  • Resting Hand Splint
    Used for arthritis, swollen hands, contracted hands
    Resting Hand Splint
  • Static Extension SplintStatic Finger Extension Splint
    Used for finger fractures, PIPJ flexion contractures, boutonniere deformities
  • Circumferential PIPJ Extension SplintCircumferential PIP Extension Splint
    Used for PIPJ flexion contractures, boutonniere deformities
  • Dynamic Pronation Supination SplintDynamic Pronation / Supination Splint
    Used for regaining supination and pronation of the forearm
  • Static Progressive Thumb IPJ and MPJ Flexion SplintStatic Progression Thumb IP Joint / MCP Joint Flexion Splint
    Used to regain movement of the joints of the thumb
  • MPJ Blocking SplintMCP Joint Blocking Splint
    Used to isolate flexor tendon gliding
  • Static Finger Extension SplintStatic Extension Splint
    Used to treat Dupuytrens Disease post surgery
  • Cubital Tunnel SplintCubital Tunnel Splint
    Used at night to treat cubital tunnel (ulnar nerve compression at the elbow)
  • Anti Claw SplintAnti-Claw Splint
    Used after a ulnar nerve injury to prevent PIPJ flexion contracture
  • First Web Space SplintFirst Web Space Splint
    Used to open first web space if contracted and also to prevent contracture
  • Ulnar Gutter SplintUlnar Gutter Splint
    Used for metacarpal fractures